Floating Vanity Ideas from 70-79 inches For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

If you’re replacing your current bathroom vanity or doing a full remodel, chances are you might be considering a wall-mounted or floating bathroom vanity.

Floating Vanities

Also called “wall-mounted” or “wall-hanging” vanities, floating vanities are usually considered for those who want to change things up from the normal. These types of vanities more complicated to install than freestanding vanities but offer a much different aesthetic for bathrooms.

If you are considering a larger floating vanity in the 70-79 inch range, you will most likely need a professional to help you install it. Installing a floating vanity that is that big might not be the best DIY project if you have never installed a vanity before. The reason is there are a lot of technical things to consider when attempting to install it. One of the biggest difficulties is mounting and making sure that the vanity is level. While you might be able to get away with doing this on your own with a smaller floating vanity in the 36 inch or lower range, large vanities might require more than one person to help you install it.


Aside from the difficulties of installing a floating vanity, the plus side is that they will almost always look great. The aesthetic appeal of a wall mounted vanity is sure to turn your guests heads and spark conversations. Floating vanities can make a bathroom look very elegant and luxurious even if you don’t do a full remodel.

Formosa 72 inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set with Quartz Countertop by Fresca

Fresca Formosa Floating Bathroom Vanity Set

The beautiful warm gray finish of the Forosa vanity by Fresca gives it a rustic look. The cabinet is complimented by a sturdy quartz stone vanity top which shines in a contemporary setting.


  • Quartz Stone Vanity Top
  • Rustic finish
  • Pre-drilled single-hole faucet mount

Hukill 73 inch Double Bathroom Vanity Set by AllModern

Hukill Floating Vanity Set

The Hukill by AllModern is probably a style that you see more in commercial settings. The shared integrated sink with double single faucets is a unique take for a home bathroom vanity. The shared sink provides a more shared experience. Another benefit of the shared sink is that the right and left sides of the countertop provide more space to place your belongings compared to a standard double sink, where the space is a little bit narrower on the sides.


  • Double Faucet Installation with Shared Integrated Sink
  • Pre-drilled countertop for single hole faucet
  • Stone Countertop

Clarissa 72 inch Double Sink Floating Bathroom Vanity with Tempered Glass Top by Virtu USA

Virtu USA Clarissa Floating Vanity Set

The Clarissa floating vanity by Virtu USA combines a lot of modern trends. The wall-mounted cabinet installation, the vessel sinks, the single hole faucets and a tempered glass countertop are all attributes of modern design. The cabinet also opts for a slab design giving the cabinet that sleek, modern look.


  • Double Vessel Basins
  • Matching Mirrors
  • Tempered Glass Countertop Pre-drilled for single hole faucets