[Vanity Review] Virtu USA Caroline 36 inch Vanity Collection Review

The success of a bathroom vanity remodel can be a very stressful thing. There are so many vanities to choose from and it can be difficult to find one that is both high quality and fits the style of your bathroom. The Caroline 36 inch vanity collection from Virtu USA can be a good fit for small to medium sized bathroom remodels.

Installation is Not that Scary

Smaller vanities are not that scary when it comes to installation. 36 inch collections such as this Caroline collection can be easy to install even if you don’t really have much experience. Those who are savvy DIYers for many home projects should have no problem.

The best solution to installing this cabinet is probably putting all the large parts together before you install the plumbing. This means attaching the undermount sinks to the countertop. This can be done with bracket clips that the kit comes with and then gluing the pieces together. Once that’s done, you can then install the countertop to the cabinet and finish it up by linking the water supply lines.

The only problems you might really have are making sure that the water supply lines are installed correctly. If you still have some struggle installing the unit, you might want to consult a local plumber to assist.

High Quality Construction

Even though the vanity is small, does not skimp on quality. The vanity is reinforced with a solid wood frame that reduces flex that can occur from a heavy countertop. Low quality vanities tend to sag in the middle because the material of the wood is not strong enough support heavy weights.

The high quality paint is also heavily layered to reduce the chance of paint chipping, which is a very thought out feature that you don’t see often. There have been instances with paint chipping on older models, but it seems the issues have been fixed in the current lineups.

The vanity also comes with soft-closing hinges on the doors. This is a great feature to have on any cabinetry in your house. Pushing the doors closed will not slam. Instead, it will magically self-close after a slight nudge.

This collection comes with a lot of customizable options to fit the needs of your bathroom remodel.

Configuration Options to choose from

  • Marble, Quartz, or Granite Countertops
  • Square or Round Sinks
  • Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome Faucets
  • Mirror or No Mirror Options

Is the Caroline 36 Inch Vanity Collection Worth it?

Sometimes, it really comes down to what you value in a bathroom vanity. If you are looking for a long term solution your bathroom remodel, this is a clear winner. It is a solid solution for those who want a high quality, great looking vanity that will last a long time.

Where to find this product?

You might be able to find a local retailer that offers this vanity but it might be difficult finding a showroom. The product is available for purchase at many different online retailers such as Home Depot and Amazon.

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